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15 Febraury 2013

In spite of the political situation in Egypt the gates of the major Egyptian textile exhibition Egy stitch & Tex were opened last 31st January. Orizio displayed as anticipated its ultimate version of jersey machine on open width frame that has called the attention of new customers for the new Orizio electronic system. According to Orizio engineers development and technical innovation are the twin pillars on which they are relying to secure their circular knitting machine manufacturing future. Together these imply optimum performance, which in practice means knitting factories operating at higher efficiency and producing first rate qualify products. The Company think that paying articular attention to the needs of the market and focussing on simplicity and versatility, combined with technological innovation, is the most effective way to give customers the means to quickly respond to fast¬changing fashion trends. JOHN-LC 32” x 28gg x 96 feeds Single knit circular knitting machine for production of basic (up to) 4 cam tracks stitch structures, plated-jersey, three yarns plating. The market is always searching for technological and innovative fabric structures but traditional top quality jersey is a field in which Orizio has always been the best choice on the textile market. The machine displayed is on 3 cam tracks for jersey, jersey- fleece and piqué equipped with the Orizio dust and sludge extractor device for needles and sinkers zone, equipment now strongly demanded from Orizio customers. Even more versatile if equipped with the 4th cam track to knit a wide range of stitch of top quality. Orizio’s aim is to offer to customer machine which combine advanced technology, versatility and reliability along with optimum fabric quality.

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