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01 June 2014

An increasing market demand for speciality machines has awaked the Orizio will to open and enlarge its horizons to the niche markets and re-design the highly productive PLE firstly born in the 1990s. The renewed Orizio PLE is an electronic single jersey machine for the production of top quality high pile fabrics, with multiple colours large dimension patterns. This can be 24-inches diameter with 18 feeders or 38-inches diameter with 24 feeders. Gauges are 10, 12, 14 and 16 Npi in each instance. As every current standard Orizio machine the PLE is equipped with the easy-to-use ‘Oritec’ electronic control system, that allows the operator many advantages in terms of functionality, the machine has 64 Megabytes memory capacity and its standard configuration is 2 way technique (predisposed for conversion to 4 way technique). From a very basic machine for volume production of standard fabrics, however, it is possible with the addition of extra sets of cams to knit a quite exceptional selection of fancy structures and colour fabrics including those with relief and damask or quilted fabrics. The model PLE is capable of up to 6 colour reversible jacquards with one side incorporating the jacquard as a pile fabric. Piqué, fleece and honeycomb on the ground structure are other possibilities with double sided fabric that includes jacquard pile on the other side. It is a massive advantage of Orizio high pile silver knitting machines that they are called upon to serve a wide variety of needs, both functional and aesthetic of such an exceptionally diverse range of end-uses. This is a good chance for the Orizio customers to stimulate many new and different markets! To do so requires a deep knowledge of knitting technology, a good awareness of market needs, a constant and innovative programme of fabric development and an Orizio machine which, by means of wide ranging modular options, can allow the high pile manufacturer freedom of opportunity to seek out new markets and develop new attractive and competitive products.

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